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Etretat, in Normandy, France, is a coastline of white limestone cliffs. The gentle light and poetic scenery of the coast has attracted artists such as Monet. This calf leather is inspired by the symphony of nature.

Tanning and Manufacturing

The raw hides of fine French bull calfs are used. After chrome-tanning, it is dyed with aniline dyes and finished with two colors of pigment to create a deep look. It is scratch and stain resistant, water repellent, and hardly ages, so you can keep the original look for a long time.


Although the leather is scratch, stain, and water resistant, please wipe it off immediately when it gets wet, and periodically remove dust from the surface with a soft cloth.


Limestone chalk cliffs

Sand Beige
Sand Beige
Sandy beach at the edge of the surf

Normandy Blue
Normandy Blue
The greyish Normandy sea

Grand Bleu
Grand Blue
An endless deep blue

Tranquil moonlit sea