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SYRINX Ambassador Program

What is a SYRINX Ambassador?

We are looking for people who are willing to share information about SYRINX on blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc., in order to convey the appeal of SYRINX to as many people as possible.

We are not accepting new applications; we are inviting those who have been posting information about SYRINX on SNS and other social networking sites.
We will not accept new applications. The content is also free.
If you introduce samples on social networking sites, etc., please be sure to clearly state that they are samples. (Although it is not required, it would be more transparent if you also mention that you are an ambassador
. Please understand that your registration may be terminated without notice.

SYRINX Ambassador Benefits

Benefit 1: Priority sales of new products
    You may be notified of priority sales of new products.

Benefit 2: Invitations to various events and projects
    Invitations to various events and projects.

Benefit 3: Loan-out and free provision of samples of new products and prototypes
    You may be the first to try out new products and prototypes.

How to register

Please create an account on SYRINX and send us the following information using the form below.

Account name for social networking service

Inquiry Form