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Article: Showroom Anywhere" is even more convenient


Showroom Anywhere" is even more convenient

I want to try products before I buy them.

In response to this desire, we have made the " Showroom Anywhere " service even more convenient.

Although this service has been highly appreciated by our customers, we have occasionally received comments from customers that they wished for an easier way to return items.

In response to these comments, we have made the return procedure even easier.
Simply fill in the sender's name on the enclosed return envelope, insert the sample, and drop it in a nearby mailbox. That's all there is to it.

The system has also been improved to clearly display inventory status, making it easier for you to find the samples you are looking for.

Thank you again for your valuable feedback.


What is the " Anywhere Showroom"?

You can not only see and touch the samples like in a regular showroom.
It is a revolutionary service that allows you to use the samples delivered to your home for a few days to see how they feel to use.

The "DOKODEMO SHOWROOM" was started out of a desire to reduce waste as much as possible. The samples we deliver are not brand new, but rather we make effective use of photo samples, repaired items, B-grade items, and so on. Please understand in advance that samples that have already been tried by many people may have scratches or stains.

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