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Article: New Hitoe® Fold


New Hitoe® Fold

Advance Reservations Begin May 31st

Pre-orders (crowdfunding) will be available from May 31.

Pre-order period: May 31, 12:00 - July 31, 23:59
*The pre-order period may end early if there are too many pre-orders.

As each item will be carefully manufactured by skilled craftsmen, it may take quite some time to deliver the product in case of a large number of applications.
For each color, no new arrivals will be made until all pre-orders have been shipped. After this pre-order period ends, the product will be available again in a few months.

Reservations can be made on the current Hitoe Fold product page.

Changes from the previous model (on sale)

1. even smaller

The smallest of all SYRINX wallets.
The edge of the wallet has been carefully designed, and the width has been shortened by 6mm, while maintaining the same smooth and thin feel.

New Hitoe Fold 新旧比較
Comparison of old and new sizes
Evolution of bill holder

The bill holder and inner hook (patent pending) have evolved into a single piece of laminated leather. (Same specifications as Hitoe® Fold Aria / Less)
The stitching on the side that caused bills to get caught in the previous model has been eliminated, making it smoother to insert and remove bills.
The reverse side is also silver-surfaced (the surface of the leather), which makes the banknotes glide better and more durable.

Hitoe Fold 札押さえとインナーフック
Seamlessly continuous bill holder with inner hook
3. beautifully coated

The edge of the leather (koba) is carefully polished after dyeing to improve not only its beauty but also its durability.

Hitoe Fold コバの仕上げ
Dyed and polished leather edge
Preventing cards from falling out

Part of the inside of the card pocket has been roughened. The inside of the card pocket has a rougher surface, making it more difficult for cards to slide out of the pocket. (Slipless version of Hitoe® Fold Aria / Less is even more effective.)
When the wallet is closed, the inner hook is on the card and there is no possibility of the card falling out.

If you stand the wallet upright, the cards are less likely to fall.
Please note that when the wallet is horizontal, the friction is less effective and the cards are more likely to fall!
Product Specifications

Dimensions: approx. W86 x H89 x D13 mm (thickest part)
(when 7 cards, 10 bills and 10 100 yen coins are stored)
Maximum capacity: 15 bills, 7 cards and 20 coins
Product weight: approx. 36 g
Leather: cowhide leather (made by Lo Stivale, Italy)
Country of manufacture: Japan
Color: Camel, Chestnut, Teal and Black (for both right-handed and left-handed users)
Price : 22,000 yen (tentative)

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