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Care of leather

Care for each leather collection
Common Care
Other points to note
  • Because it is a natural material, there may be uneven coloring or natural marks on the surface due to the raw leather.
  • Since the product is sewn by hand, slight scratches, dents, and scuff marks may be visible.
  • Size may vary slightly with use.
  • Color may run. Be careful when wearing with light-colored clothing.
  • Color and texture may vary slightly depending on the batch.
  • Due to temperature changes, oil and fat components may appear as white particles on the surface. These can be removed by gently rubbing the surface.
  • If you are storing it for a long period of time, ventilate it regularly and wipe it dry with a soft cloth to prevent mold growth.
  • Do not store the contents in the container for a long period of time. Remove the contents periodically to allow air to flow inside.
  • Depending on your monitor settings, the color of the actual product may look slightly different.