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Care of leather

Maintenance of tanned leather

Foschia & Liscio

No oil care is required for newly arrived products. The leather contains sufficient oil inside. When the surface of the leather is irritated, the oil contained inside will seep out through the pores and coat the epidermis, giving it a glossy appearance.

If the surface becomes dry after prolonged use, we recommend using our " Natural Beeswax " or waxes made from waxes and fats.

Since tanned leather is dyed and finished, the surface is very delicate and easily scratched. However, if you use the leather with care, scratches and stains will gradually blend in and become a part of its flavor. The best maintenance is to give the leather moderate stimulation by using it, and we recommend wiping it dry or brushing it with a soft cloth on a daily basis.

Maintenance of Shallow Scratches

Shallow scratches can be made less noticeable by rubbing with your fingers or a soft cloth. Our " Natural Beeswax" is also available.

Shallow scratches can be made less noticeable with a soft cloth (Liscio example)
Maintenance of numerous and deep scratches

If the scratches are a little deep or numerous, a leather cream can be used to make them less noticeable. However, be careful not to apply too much as it may make the leather too soft.

Creams can make scratches less noticeable (example of Foschia)

The cream should be compatible with tanned leather. We recommend " 1909 Supreme Cream Deluxe".

Other tanned leather maintenance

Etretat & Ortensia & Monocromo

The surface of the leather is coated with pigments to resist scratches, stains, and water, and requires no maintenance other than cleaning.
If you are concerned about surface stains after long use, you can use a commercial cleaner (Columbus 500, etc.).

Water Stain Prevention

The tanned leather used by SYRINX is dyed, so it is very sensitive to water, but it contains enough oil inside to prevent water stains if wiped off immediately.

If wiped off immediately, water stains are almost impossible (example of Liscio).

However, if left wet for a while, water will penetrate into the interior and cause water stains.

To prevent water stains and dirt, fluorine-based waterproofing sprays are also effective.
The 10x speed video below compares how water penetrates with and without waterproof spray. The side with waterproof spray is completely free of water stains.

Comparison with and without waterproof spray (10x speed)

Even if water stains appear, they will gradually blend in with the aging process. The photo below shows about one hour after the water stain.
Waterproof spray also has the effect of preventing stains. Please refer to the link below for specific instructions.
Waterproofing Spray Method

水染み After about 1 hour, the product is slightly acclimated to the water.

Other points to note

  • There may be scratches, uneven color, stains, and wrinkles on the surface derived from the raw hides.
  • There is a possibility that slight scratches, press marks, abrasions, etc. may be found during the manufacturing process.
  • The size may change slightly with use.
  • Color fading may occur. Please be careful not to combine with light-colored clothing.
  • Color and texture may vary slightly depending on the lot.
  • Due to changes in temperature and other factors, oil and fat components may appear white on the surface. It can be removed by lightly rubbing the surface.
  • When storing the product for a long period of time, air the product regularly and wipe it dry with a soft cloth to prevent the formation of mold.
  • The contents should not be left in place for long periods of time, but should be removed periodically to allow airflow inside.
  • The color of the product may look slightly different from the actual color of the product depending on the monitor environment.