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Q&A Hitoe Fold Series

Q. Are there any tips for opening and closing it?

If you are right-handed, you can use your left hand to bend the boundary between the coin pocket and the card pocket into an "U" shape, which will release the inner hook and allow the wallet to open smoothly.

To close it, lightly press the top with your right hand while bending it into an "U" shape with your left hand, and the inner hook will naturally catch on the card.

The trick is to not touch the inner hook when opening or closing it.

(For right-handed people) The trick is to bend it into an "U" shape with your left hand and not touch the inner hook.

Q. It becomes distorted when closed.

This is caused by misusing the inner hook on the outside of the wallet. Please only hang it on the cards you want to store.

HITOE FOLD inner hook

Q. Should I choose right-handed or left-handed?

If you use your right hand to insert and remove cards and coins, please select "right-handed"; if you use your left hand, please select "left-handed". All photos and videos used in the product description are for right-handed use, and the slot for removing bills and cards is on the right side.

Q. The card pockets are too cramped

The design is such that the leather does not stretch more than necessary, so it may feel tight when you first start using it and the leather is still stiff. If you press the leather firmly at the back of the card pocket (on the left side of the card pocket for right-handed people) when you insert a card, the leather will become more flexible.

Also, please note that storing cards with uneven surfaces or items other than credit card size (such as point cards or medical cards) can make the bag feel cramped.

If it feels too tight, try loosening the leather at the back of the card pocket (left side for right-handed users) to make it more comfortable.

Q: Will the cards fall out?

When you close the wallet by hanging the inner hook, it won't fall out.

Even when open, the leather on the top edge of the cards will support them if the wallet is held vertically. Please note that cards are more likely to fall out if the wallet is placed horizontally.

The slip-less design (patent pending) of the product makes it even more difficult to fall off. For more information, please click here .

When held vertically, the leather on the top edge of the card provides support.

Q. Will the coins spill?

The coin pocket has a lid to prevent spills. As the leather becomes more flexible with use and the bend in the lid settles, it will become even less likely to spill.

The pocket is shallow to allow for quick removal of coins, and the size of the pocket allows the top of a 500 yen coin to be slightly visible, but it is hidden when the lid is closed.

If you open the wallet horizontally, coins may spill out. Please use it vertically.

Q. I'm bothered by the sound of coins.

If you store your coins with the coin pocket facing upright, you can prevent the coins from making noise. Also, the coins will automatically align themselves more easily, so please try it.

Q. Won't I open it upside down and spill the coins?

Don't worry, if you turn the wallet inside out, it won't bend into a "U" shape and won't open. You can also use this as a reference for the position of the stitching and how the cards look.

<Example: Right-handed>

  • The side without the stitching on the right side is the front, as the bills are taken out from the right.
  • The side where the card is most visible is the right side, as the card is taken out from the right.
HITOE FOLD inner hook
Hitoe® Fold back (left) and front (right)

Q. Can the magnetic stripes of cards be stacked?

Modern magnetic stripes are highly resistant to magnetism, so there is no problem even if they are stacked. Also, IC chips are not affected by magnetism.

However, for bank cards with no expiration date, the magnetic stripe may be weakened, so we recommend stacking the cards with the magnetic stripe positioned alternately up and down.