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Soft leather small speaker
Vachetta Leather

Sale price¥129,600

*Manufacture to order. We are currently suspending orders due to a new specification change.

The clear sound created by the soft leather


A small roll made of soft leather creates an unprecedented clear sound. The clear sound spreads naturally throughout the space, just like a musical instrument, and fills you with a sense of presence as if you were listening to the music right in front of you.
A belt is included and can be hung anywhere. By removing the belt and hanging it from a lighting duct, background music can be played without the need for electrical work. It creates the best background music environment not only in the living room, but also in cafes, offices, hotels, and other places, regardless of the listening point.

Leather is the best choice for the sound.

Hard bodies such as wood and metal are prone to residual effects of sound resonance and reverberation inside the speaker. In order to achieve a sound faithful to the sound source by eliminating incidental sound as much as possible, the sound from the back of the unit is wrapped in soft, highly sound-insulating leather. In search of a leather that is good for sound, we have examined many leathers from Japan and abroad and found Italian vacchetta leather, which is soft, heavy, and thick.

The latest technology x traditional technique


The leather is precisely processed by the latest laser cutter, and then hand-stitched by the skilled craftsmen of SYRINX using a traditional European harness stitching technique called couture serie (saddle stitch). Each stitch is carefully tightened, resulting in a very beautiful finish. Unlike machine stitching, hand stitching has two independent threads that support the leather stitching, so even if one of the threads breaks, the other thread will firmly support the leather stitching and will not fray.

To achieve the best sound

SYRINX's original technologies, such as a soft leather enclosure that minimizes incidental noise and a floating mount that refines the clarity of the sound, are integrated into this small body.
The small-diameter, full-range unit produces a raw, realistic sound from bass to treble.

Natural wool is used as the sound-absorbing material inside. Wool's unique shrinkage, or "crimp," causes the fibers to intertwine with each other, creating a layer of complex structure. This crimped layer absorbs sound and prevents echoes. The surface of the fiber has microscopic scales, and this organic structure, which is not found in synthetic fibers, provides excellent sound absorption performance.

The clear sound is created by vegetable-tanned cowhide leather, natural wool, and the bounty of the earth.

Low Power Class-AB Amplifier that Defies Common Sense

The built-in analog (Class-AB) amplifier consumes as little power as a digital amplifier, and utilizes the latest technology to minimize noise and sound distortion. The power consumption of the amplifier is as low as that of a digital amplifier, and it uses very little power and distorts sound very little. It reproduces everything from exhilarating highs to powerful lows with less power than the standby power of a conventional amplifier.
The power supply does not require a large power adapter and can be used from any USB port around you.

Model No.
Cowhide leather (from Italy)
Sound absorbing material
Natural wool
Less than 0.03% (1W load 4Ω 1kHz)
SN ratio
90dB or better
Power supply
USB (5V)
3.5mm stereo mini jack
Diameter approx. 7 cm, length approx. 23 cm
Approx. 570g
USB-DC cable
Leather belt (removable)

  • International shipping is not accepted.
  • Price is for one speaker (stereo playback with one speaker).
  • This is a made-to-order product. Please allow 30 days for delivery.
  • Volume adjustment must be done by the player.
  • Not intended for high output. If the input signal is too loud, it may cause sound crackling. In this case, please reduce the input signal or volume.
  • Since the natural leather is dyed using dyes, there may be scratches, wrinkles, and stains. Color may vary depending on the production period.
  • USB AC adapter is not included.

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