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Article: MUJI Ballpoint pen, nock type, body, aluminum


MUJI Ballpoint pen, nock type, body, aluminum

MUJI knock-off ballpoint pen.

The shaft diameter is slim, 9.8mm at the largest part (actual measurement), and just fits in the pen holder of the Hasamu A4.

Compared to the Caran d'Ache 849, which must have been very conscious of its design, the Caran d'Ache 849 has a big uncomfortable knocking feeling of rubbing, a tip detail that is not smooth and continuous, and a cheap feel when you hold it in your hand. Not surprisingly, given the difference in price, this is not a product that feels luxurious or satisfying.

849 Hexagonal part and discontinuous cap detail that bothers me when writing

What makes this pen interesting is the availability of a variety of refills for C-300 compatible leads.
In other words, it is available as an inexpensive general-purpose metal shaft.

It is

cheaper than D1 (4C) refills

such as MUJI standard refills, Mitsubishi Pencil

Jetstream SXN series
, Mitsubishi Pencil Signo RT1 series
, Zebra Sarasa JF series,

and has

a larger ink capacity, so it is more convenient for daily use


muji Fits into the pen holder

Hasamu A4 pen holder fits perfectly. There are no bumps at all, so it can be smoothly inserted and removed.

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