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Article: Featured in Get Navi


Featured in Get Navi

SYRINX" was featured in Get Navi today.

SYRINX, a leather brand created by an architect, is a shining example of artistry composed of a minimum of elements!

Many of our products are introduced in the article.

Please take a look.

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モノ・マガジン 12.16号で紹介いただきました

Introduced in the 12.16 issue of Mono Magazine

The new Hitoe L-zip L and Musubu Key Case were introduced in the 12.16 issue of Mono Magazine (p. 107), on sale today.

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Introduction to Showroom Anywhere

SYRINX has been offering the "Showroom Anywhere" service since the end of June this year. The service has been well received and has already been ...

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