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Article: Start of donation and fundraising activities for Ukraine


Start of donation and fundraising activities for Ukraine

We are pleased to announce that we have made a donation to the Embassy of Ukraine for the Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Relief Fund.

The official SYRINX website has a "Tip" field on the payment page to support SYRINX's corporate activities, and we have received a total of 141,708 yen in donations so far.

Although you have given us your support to our company, we sincerely appreciate your kindness and have decided to use the entire amount for donation to the embassies of Ukraine, which are facing a serious humanitarian crisis.
(The money will be used to support the livelihood of evacuees, infrastructure restoration, housing reconstruction, etc.) Donations made to the Embassy will not be used for weapons" Embassy of Ukraine in Japan)

In addition, as SYRINX, we will start the following activities in search of ways we can be of help to Ukraine, which is in a critical situation.

SYRINX Humanitarian Donation

We will no longer accept support for SYRINX. Instead, we will be conducting a fundraising campaign as "SYRINX Humanitarian Donation".
You can enter the amount you wish to donate on the payment screen when purchasing products.
All the collected money will be donated to the Embassy of Ukraine and the Red Cross. We will inform you of the donation destination and other details as soon as possible.

We sincerely hope that this critical situation will be resolved and peace will return soon.

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