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White Wax

"Foschia" is treated with white wax, giving it an appearance reminiscent of morning mist. The more you use it, the more the wax on the surface will rub and penetrate, revealing a transparent appearance.

Foschia White Wax Aging
Example of unused (bottom) and used for half a year (top)
Hitoe® Fold Aria - Foschia - Misty Iris

About scratches

The areas where the white wax has been rubbed will appear darker as the natural color of the leather will emerge, and may temporarily look like small scratches. As the wax penetrates into the leather with regular use, the initial marks will gradually become less noticeable and will be covered with a transparent luster.

Small scratches and marks occur during the manufacturing and packaging stages, so when you first purchase the product, there will be individual differences in how much wax remains. Please rest assured that there are no scratches on the leather itself, and it will become even as it ages.

Foschia White Wax Scratch Marks
White wax rub marks

About wrinkles

Due to the effect of the wax, Foschia leather tends to wrinkle on the surface when bent strongly. These wrinkles will become covered with a glossy finish with use, and the appearance will gradually become more mellow.

Foschia White Wax Wrinkles
An example of bending the entire piece of leather to create creases

The video below shows an example of a garment that was first bent and wrinkled, then placed in the back pocket of a pair of pants and worn for about a month. The glossiness increases, and the wrinkles give it a more subdued look.

Hitoe® Fold Aria - Foschia - Misty Chocolate