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Color:Lilac Pink
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Colorful like a bouquet
Hitoe® Fold Aria - Bouquet -

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《Collection introduction》

“Bouquet” is a colorful flower bouquet.

Bouquet is inspired by a bouquet of colorful flowers. Just like a bouquet of flowers that adds color to your everyday life, it will make your hands look pretty.

original pastel colors

Inspired by Himeji's traditional white tanned leather, we use white leather developed in Himeji. Because the base is beautiful white, we were able to achieve SYRINX's original pure pastel colors.

(Click on the “ About Bouquet Leather ” tab for details)


"Description of item"

To complete functional beauty

“Perfection is a state where it cannot be removed any further.”
These are the words left behind by Saint-Exupéry, the author of "The Little Prince."

Hitoe® structure that prevents stacking of stored items (registered design) , inner hook that achieves a minimal design without metal fittings and smooth operation (patented) , slipless design that prevents cards from falling (patent pending) .

"Hitoe® Fold Aria" is the completed product of the Hitoe® Fold series, which has the ultimate in minimalism in both design and operability.

Through sophisticated design and exquisite craftsmanship, it has been sublimated into a breathtakingly complete piece of functional beauty.

Minimal design - HITOE FOLD ARIA Bouquet

Light as air “Aria”

"Aria" means "air" in Italian.
A wallet so light and thin that you forget it's there, like air.

Light wallet - HITOE FOLD ARIA

Challenge to thinness

Achieved thinness with Hitoe® structure (registered design) that does not overlap cards and coins.

Maximum of 5 pieces of overlapping leather & no hardwareThe thickest part when stored is 12mm
(When storing 6 cards, 10 bills, and 10 100 yen coins)
・Palm size 89mm x 91mm
・Light like air, about 30g

Can hold up to 15 bills, 20 coins, and 6 cards. Even when fully packed, it remains thin.

Open state - HITOE FOLD ARIA

Top-class, unparalleled tailoring

All parts are made from two thin pieces of leather pasted together into a single piece. Using a technique that is said to be the ultimate luxury in leather products, it achieves both strength and thinness.

It takes a wealth of experience and skill to create a finish that looks like a single piece of leather without lifting or bending when folded.

In pursuit of simplicity, the engraving is hidden under the card.

thin details

For the ends, overlap the leather and sew on the outside. This is because we are particular about "thinness". If you fold the leather and roll it inside, you can make it smaller, but the leather will overlap and become thicker.

The details are faithful to the ideal of a "thin wallet".

Edge comparison - HITOE FOLD ARIA

While pursuing thinness, the leather is sufficiently thick, and we value the textures typical of leather, such as tension and stiffness.

Thin wallet - HITOE FOLD ARIA

Inner hook without metal fittings

A new idea of ​​using the stored cards as clasps

We devised an inner hook (patented) in which the card itself becomes a clasp.

This idea made possible the minimal design of the Hitoe® Fold Aria, a small, thin wallet without hardware .

Inner hook - HITOE FOLD ARIA
Inner hook for hanging cards integrated with bill holder

Not only does it act as a clasp, but it also prevents the card from falling when you carry it.

Preventing cards from falling out - HITOE FOLD ARIA
Fits inside to prevent cards from falling accidentally

Sandwiched with leather. But that's it.

Flat appearance just sandwiched between leather. There are no metal fittings or flaps that stick out, so they won't get caught in your pocket.

It is designed so that the inner hook will not come off when it is turned inside out. Therefore, there is no need to worry about mistaking the front and back sides and dropping coins.

Constructed only from leather without using any hardware

Minimal and smooth operation

It can be easily opened and closed by bending it into a dogleg shape. With this one action, you can smoothly insert and remove coins and cards while keeping the wallet vertical.

(If you are right-handed) The trick is to bend the bottom of the wallet in a dogleg shape with your left hand and avoid touching the inner hook.

Leave the banknotes as they are without folding them

Don't fold the banknotes, just insert them as is. High visibility and easy to take out. Since it does not bend, it can easily fit into vending machines and self-checkout machines.

The bill holder has a continuous design with the inner hook. The curve acts as a guide, allowing you to insert and remove it smoothly without getting caught.

You can smoothly put in and take out bills without touching the bill holder.

Prevent cards from falling

When closed, the inner hook hangs on the card so it won't fall. Adopts a slipless design (patent pending) that prevents cards from falling even when the wallet is open. The feeling of sliding the card is of high quality, and it is comfortable to put in and take out the card.

Effects of slipless specification (patent pending)

Use temporary cards as billholders. There is no problem with opening and closing the wallet.

How to open - HITOE FOLD ARIA
Temporary cards can be used as billholders

Smooth and overflowing coin pocket

The coin pocket is shallow and has no metal fittings such as zippers or hooks. Therefore, you can quickly retrieve the coins you need. When storing the coin pocket, the lid of the coin pocket acts as a guide for smooth storage.

Also, if you close your wallet, the coins will not overflow. Even when the coin pocket is open, the lid of the coin pocket prevents it from overflowing.

There is plenty of room even if you put in 999 yen worth (15 pieces).

Coin pocket - HITOE FOLD ARIA
Coin pocket that won't overflow

Minimal design recognized around the world

19 prestigious design awards from around the world

The Hitoe® Fold series has been highly praised for its functional and minimalist design, and has been awarded the world's three major design awards, iF Design Award , Red Dot Design Award, IDEA, as well as major international awards such as London, New York, Paris, and Milan. It has won 19 design awards .

(Click on the " Product Achievements " tab for detailed award results)

Small thin wallet Hitoe Fold World Design Award
19 wins in total for all Hitoe® Fold series

Design that follows the laws of nature

“Why is the golden ratio beautiful?”
The golden ratio of 1:1.62 is the aspect ratio of a rectangle with spiral repeating squares whose sides are the Fibonacci sequence . (Figure below)

In fact, the Fibonacci sequence is hidden everywhere in nature. The branches of trees, the number of petals, sunflower seeds, seashells, typhoons, spiral galaxies. It can also be found in art of the utmost beauty, such as the pyramids, the Parthenon, and the 36 Views of Mt.

The important thing is not to achieve the golden ratio. The proportions from the details to the whole follow the Fibonacci sequence , which is deeply related to nature and the providence of life, resulting in a well-balanced design that resonates with the heart .

Fibonacci sequence - HITOE FOLD ARIA
Proportions based on the Fibonacci sequence spiral

beautiful details

Precise and delicate stitching, polished leather edges that show the overlap of the leather.
The small thin wallet Hitoe® Fold Aria pursues beauty down to the smallest detail.

Beautiful details - HITOE FOLD ARIA
Beautiful edge treatment

Can be used beautifully for a long time

In general, most problems with wallets are caused by hardware or sewing. However, Hitoe® Fold, a small, thin wallet, uses no hardware and only has four stitches. Additionally, the easily damaged corners are layered with outer leather and inner leather to increase durability. The seam allowance is extremely small and the design does not lose its shape even in pants pockets.

Corner reinforcement - HITOE FOLD ARIA
The corners are layered with leather to make them durable

Customer Reviews

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ぶん (Toyama, JP)



モカ (Tokyo, JP)





Hitoe Foldシリーズは開閉にコツがあり、慣れるまでご不便に感じる方もいらっしゃると存じます。
また、Hitoe Foldシリーズは、革素材の魅力を最大限に活かしてデザインを成り立たせたい、という想いにより、芯材を使用しておらず、革のみを縫製しております。そのため、ご購入直後で革が馴染んでいない状態では、革の曲がり部分が落ち着かず、ご購入当初は浮きが見受けられることがございます。 革の馴染みとともに浮きも落ち着いてまいりますので、引き続きご愛用いただけますと幸いに存じます。

匿名 (Meieki, JP)

Hitoe® Fold Aria - Foschia -からの買い替えです。
Hitoe® Fold Aria - Etretat -が発表された時に購入を検討しましたが、価格の面でいったん保留に。
迷っているところでこちらが発表され、Lilac Pink の白みがかったピンクの色味に心を撃ち抜かれ、予算内だったこともあり即決しました。

日頃より、Hitoe Fold をご愛用くださり誠にありがとうございます。