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Article: Hitoe® Fold Aria -Mushroom- Pre-order


Hitoe® Fold Aria -Mushroom- Pre-order

Japan's first mushroom-derived mushroom leather
Pre-order (crowdfunding) starts

Hitoe® Fold Aria -Mushroom-

Pre-order period: Friday, March 15 12:30 - Wednesday, May 15, 23:59

Pre-orders will begin on March 15.
During the pre-order period, the product will be sold at a special price of 10% off.

Information on delivery date will be updated by March 15.
* If there are too many reservations, the sale may end early.
* March 15 is the most auspicious day of the year, as it is the day of Tenko, Ichigokubanboku, and Tora no Hi (the day of the tiger).
March 15 is one of the most auspicious days of the year!

Product Details

Fusion of innovation and tradition

Vegan leather, which is derived from plants, has been attracting attention in recent years.
However, along with this trend, the misconception that "leather is bad for the environment" has been spreading.

SYRINX, therefore, proposes new possibilities for a sustainable future by fusing Japan's first mushroom leather (mushroom leather) and cowhide leather with a long history of use.

Hitoe® Fold Aria -Mushroom- is its first project.


Detailed description of Mushroom Leather

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【新製品】Hitoe® Fold Aria -Etretat-

New products] Hitoe® Fold Aria -Etretat-.

New product] Hitoe® Fold Aria -Etretat- will be available from March 6, 12:30. It is made of original calf leather specially ordered from the oldest tannery in France.

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【新製品】Hitoe® Fold Aria - Bouquet-

[New Product] Hitoe® Fold Aria - Bouquet-

Hitoe® Fold Aria -Bouquet- will be on sale from 11:30 on Wednesday, March 27th. Just like a bouquet of flowers that adds color to your everyday life, this leather wallet will make your hand look p...

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