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Article: Liscio series leather changes


Liscio series leather changes

We are pleased to inform you that we will be changing our leather supply system for the Liscio series, which until now has used only ELBAMATT from Tempesti, Italy.
The raw hides used for leather are by-products of the meat processing process. However, in recent years, in order to shorten the rearing period, the use of high-calorie feed has been increasing, and the deterioration of the leather quality of the raw hides has become more pronounced among the companies. On the other hand, along with the expansion of SYRINX's business, the amount of leather used is also increasing rapidly.
In order to secure a stable supply of high quality leather, we have decided to ask several tanneries to supply us with leather from now on. In addition, we will change our color lineup and color codes.

In addition to Tempesti, we will be working with
Badalassi Carlo,
Conceria 800, and
Lo Stivale,

all of which produce the highest quality vacchetta leather.
Each company's leather has different characteristics, so we plan to use different types of leather for each product. Some specifications, such as the floor treatment method, will also be changed.

In addition, the color composition and color names will also change.
In particular, Fragola and Lattuga will be phased out and will be available only while supplies last.

We apologize for any confusion and inconvenience this may cause.

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