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Article: New TSUTSUMU



TSUTSUMU Card Case - Aria


Winner of seven domestic and international design awards, the
"TSUTSUMU Card Case" can be considered the origin of SYRINX leather items.
This masterpiece has been further refined and made the world's smallest*.
(* As a leather business card case that can hold a 91x55mm business card, according to our own research conducted on September 26, 2020)

Since the dominant arm greatly affects usability, a left-handed model will also be released at the same time.

What is the Aria Series?

Aria" means "air" in Italian. It also means lyrical solo singing in opera and religious music.
It is thin, light, airy, and imperceptible. Yet, it is beautiful and full of originality.

Aria " is made of thin leather with a "solid" (glued all over) surface.
This technique is said to be the highest luxury of leather products. Two pieces of thinly made leather are pasted together to make it stronger, lighter, and thinner. The inside of the bag is also silver-surfaced for smooth, snag-free insertion and removal.

Birth story of the Aria series

SYRINX leather items began as a way to make effective use of the scraps of vachetta leather used for speakers.
For this reason, we insisted on using the leather in its thickest form for our products before Aria.
One of the companies we commissioned to manufacture our products was a long-established leather workshop that specializes in making exquisite products by utilizing the "sticky adhesive.
We wanted to create a product that utilized Japan's superior technical capabilities."
This precious opportunity led to the development of a product that incorporates this desire.
Since no core material is used, the characteristics of the leather vary greatly with every 0.1mm of thickness. Also, depending on the combination of the leathers

used, the tension can vary from a soft texture to a strong firmness. We repeated trial and error with various materials and thicknesses before deciding on the specifications.

new "TS
UTSUMU" is the starting point of SYRINX leather items, and
with the new "TSUTSUMU", SYRINX will evolve to a new stage.

Sales Schedule

The detailed sales schedule and prices have not yet been determined. Details will be announced on this page as well as in our newsletter, so please register at the bottom of this page if you wish to receive the newsletter.

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