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Affiliate Participation Agreement

■ Article 1 Application of Terms and Conditions
This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions to be observed by Affiliate Partners participating in the Webic Affiliate Program offered by SYRINX, LLC (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") with respect to participation and use of the Service.
Article 2 Definitions
The definitions of the terms used in this Agreement are as follows
1. "Service" means the Affiliate Program provided by the Company. 2.
Partner" means an individual, organization, or corporation that participates in the Service as an Affiliate Partner. 4.
Agreement" means the contractual relationship between us and a Partner arising under these Terms and Conditions. 5.
Customer" means an individual, organization, or corporation that purchases products from us through a Partner.
Article 3 Partner Registration and Posting of Links, etc.
1. a Partner is a person who uses the Affiliate Program in a manner determined by the Company. 2.
2. a Partner may place links to the Affiliate Program on its website. 2. partners may place links on their websites, provided that they comply with any restrictions or conditions imposed by the company on the placement of links. 3. partners may place links on their websites only in accordance with the terms of this agreement.
3. partners shall use the methods or link creation content provided by us when placing links, etc. 4. partners shall use the link creation content provided by us when placing links, etc. 5.
Partner may not use the Link Creation Contents for any purpose other than the use of the Service in accordance with these Terms of Use. 5.
If we deem a website on which a Link is placed to be inappropriate, we may request that it be removed or changed. In such case, Partner must immediately remove or change the link.
Article 4 Contents of the Service
1. the Service consists of the Partner placing a link on his/her website, and the Company paying the Partner a commission ("Commission") based on the sales generated by the link. 2.
2. there is no fee for establishing and using the Affiliate Program (no admission fee, no membership fee, etc.).
Article 5 Responsibility and Duty of Care
1. the Partner shall use the Affiliate Program at its own risk and shall be responsible for all content published by the Partner
2. if a partner violates this agreement or causes damage to the company through fraudulent or illegal actions, the company reserves the right to demand compensation from the partner in question. 3.
3. partners are obliged to monitor their published websites to prevent arbitrary clicks on links, etc. 4.
4. the Partner shall regularly check whether the links are correctly linked to the designated destination, and shall immediately update or delete the links if it discovers broken links or errors in the links. 5.
Product prices displayed on our website are subject to change. If you display prices on your partner's website or in your e-mail newsletter, there may be price discrepancies between your website and ours, which may cause problems. When displaying prices, please state the date and time the price was posted and clearly indicate that the price is subject to change.
■ Article 6 Prohibitions
Partners shall not engage in any of the following acts
1. any act that damages or may damage the rights, profits, privacy, reputation, etc. of the Company, clients, or any other third party
2. acts that are contrary to these Terms of Use, as well as acts that are contrary to laws, regulations, ordinances, or other enactments
3. requesting the establishment of links, etc. to websites, mailing lists, mail magazines, etc. managed and operated by others
4. posting links to SNS, mail magazines, etc.
5. unfair displays that violate the voluntary standards for advertisements set by the Japan Direct Marketing Association
6. posting on bulletin boards, spamming via e-mail, or engaging in other promotional activities that cause annoyance or discomfort to the Company or third parties
(7) acts that are offensive to public order and morals
8. other acts that we deem inappropriate.
Article 7 Management of Partner Data
We reserve the right to view the partner information and transaction information obtained at the time of registration for the purpose of operation and maintenance of the Affiliate System, and to change the information based on the facts if any misrepresentation is discovered.
Article 8 Payment of Performance Fees
1. in the event that a new customer accesses the Affiliate's site via a link provided by the Partner (such access is hereinafter referred to as "Access via Partner") and purchases a product, the Company shall pay the Partner an amount equal to the amount of the purchase multiplied by a rate determined by the Company. 2.
In principle, the fee rate in the preceding paragraph shall be 5% (including tax). However, a special rate may be applied, in which case we will notify Partner individually. 3.
(3) The purchase amount in Paragraph 1 shall be based on the price of the product registered by the Seller, and shall not include consumption tax and incidental charges such as shipping charges.
4. we may, at our discretion, limit or add eligible transactions.
5. the Company uses cookie technology to identify purchases made by customers accessing through the site, and only transactions made by customers for whom this cookie is valid will be eligible for the awarding of points. In addition, Partners shall acknowledge the following
(1) The cookie is valid for 7 days after accessing the site.
(2) If the user rejects the cookie or deletes the cookie in the middle of
a transaction, the reward will


be paid.

(4) If the order is cancelled due to shortage of goods, etc., the payment will be invalid. 6.

The product that Partner links to does not necessarily correspond to the product that the customer actually purchases. The points awarded to the Partner will be calculated based on the rate set for the product actually purchased by the customer. 7.
Rewards of less than 2,000 yen will be carried over to the next payment period. If less than 2,000 yen has been earned for more than 90 days, your partnership will be terminated. 8.
8. Reward payments will be deposited into your PayPal account approximately once a month.
9. if a customer purchases a product via multiple Partner's links, the access to the product via the last banner is the only one that is valid.
Article 9 Non-licensing of Rights
We do not grant any rights to Partners other than those expressly granted in this Agreement. Partner shall not construe this Agreement as granting any rights other than those expressly granted in this Agreement, such as permission to use the Company's trade name, trademark, mark, etc.
Article 10 Taxes and Fees
Any taxes or incidental expenses incurred in connection with the payment of performance fees shall be borne by Partner.
Article 11 Confidentiality
Partner shall not disclose or divulge to any other party, whether during the term of this Agreement or after the termination of this Agreement, any information obtained in connection with this Agreement or this Agreement, any information disclosed to Partner by the Company for the establishment of links, etc. or payment of performance fees, or any other information concerning the Service, the Company or the Client obtained in the course of using the Service. You must not disclose or divulge to any other party any information you have obtained in the course of using the Service.
Article 12 Notification
1. we shall send notifications regarding the Service by e-mail. 2.
2. partners shall register as our ambassadors and subscribers to our newsletters.
Article 13 Violation of these Terms of Use, etc.
If we deem that Partner is in violation of these Terms of Use, we may take any of the following actions without prior notice, and Partner may not object to such action. 1.
1. rejection of a link established by Partner
2. disqualification or suspension of Partner
3. suspension of payment of commissions
4. any other suspension of the Service, in whole or in part.
Article 14 Compensation for Damages, etc.
1. Partner shall be responsible for resolving any claims or disputes with clients or other third parties regarding Partner's use of the Service at Partner's own responsibility and expense. 2.
2. if partner's use of the service causes us any damage, partner shall be liable for compensation and shall pay us the attorney's fees and any other expenses incurred in resolving the dispute. 3.
3. with respect to any dispute between Partner and a client or any other third party, the Company may, without Partner's consent, provide information or other assistance to such client or third party with respect to such dispute.
Article 15 Termination, etc. of this Agreement
This Agreement shall terminate upon withdrawal of Partner from membership or revocation of Partner's qualification.
Article 16 Indemnification
The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused by system interruption, delay, discontinuation, or loss of data due to communication line or computer failure, failure related to access identification, unauthorized access to data, or any other damage caused to Partners or Members in connection with the Service.
Article 17 Revision of this Agreement
The Company may revise the Terms of Service at any time. Any revision of the Terms of Service shall become effective when posted on the website designated by the Company. In this case, Partners shall comply with the revised Terms and Conditions.
Article 18 Governing Law and Jurisdiction
This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan, and any dispute between MEDINET and Partner shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court having jurisdiction over the location of MEDINET's head office as the court of first instance.

Update History
2022.4.18 Article 8 cookie validity period changed from 24 hours to 7 days