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Article: New Multi Ruler Card


New Multi Ruler Card

Multi Ruler Card (multi-functional ruler) is now even more functional and newly released as Multi Ruler Card 2.

Dimensions (up to 70 mm)
Angle (up to 90 degrees)
R size (up to 40R)
Line and Crack thickness (0.1mm-2.0mm)
In addition to the above

In addition to the above, the new functions are available: point number guide for letters
, circle diameter (up to 7mm radius)
, and 0.5mm increments


and 0.5mm increments.
Other improvements include extending the baseline to the edges.

This card was created as a practical dummy card for de-plasticization.
We are offering it at a reasonable price for this reason.

Version 2 will not be included as a dummy card for a while and will be a general sale only product.
It will be in stock soon.

Multi Ruler Card

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